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Access to Resources ~ For Students with Disabilities

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References and Resources  
These resources reflect national research and best practices in the area of transition.

Transition Standards  
National Standards on Secondary Education and Transition:
California Department of Education:
Guideposts for Success

Employer Guideposts for Success 
Transition Legislation 
IDEA 2004 Transition

Postschool Outcome Center
National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) 

Interagency Links  
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Office of Disability Employment Policy
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
Department of Labor
Social Security

CA Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
CA Developmental Disabilities Services
CA Chancellor’s Office for Community Colleges
Governor’s Committee on Employment for People with Disabilities
California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) 

The following pages provide access to quality transition resources as recommended in the Guideposts for Success. These resources are meant to add to the resources currently available through the Transition to Adult Living Guide 
School Preparatory Experiences 
In order to perform at optimal levels in all educational settings, all youth need to participate in educational programs grounded in standards, clear performance expectations and graduation exit options based upon meaningful, accurate an relevant indicators of student learning and skills. 
Elements of Quality Transition System, Web-Based Resources, 
Contextual Learning and Teaching 
(Integration of career development, workplace skills and transition into the standards driven curriculum).

Financial Literacy
Resources for curriculum integration

Academic and CTE Standards 
California Core Academic Standards
California Career Technical Standards

Multiple Assessments 
(Transition assessments, learning styles, functional skills evaluation, formal, informal and situational age appropriate evaluations of strengths, preferences, interests and transition needs).
Transition Readiness Questionnaire

Multiple Intelligences 
Learning styles 
Career Planning Begins with Assessment manual

Functional Skills 
Life Skills evaluation Casey Foundation

Knowledge and Access to learning accommodations while in school 
Jan Accommodation Network

Colleges and Universities have specific sites for information about accommodation protocols- Disability Student Program and Services 
Use of individual personal transition planning 
Role of Transition in the IEP and curriculum planning

Career Preparation and Work Based Learning Experiences 
Career preparation and work-based learning experiences are essential in order for youth to form and develop aspirations and make informed choices about careers. These experiences can be provided during the school day or through after school programs and will require collaboration with other organizations and employers. 
Elements of Quality Transition System. Web-Based Resources, 
Career Assessments, 
California Career Zone
Career Assessment Manual
Career assessment

Exposure to post secondary education and other lifelong learning opportunities. Organizing peer mentoring programs 
Tours of post secondary education programs

Exposure to career opportunities that lead to a living wage, including information about educational requirements, entry requirements and income and benefit potential and asset accumulations
Handbook for Implementing A comprehensive Workbased Learning Program
Reality Check-what it costs to live
Training designed to improve job seeking skills and work-place basic skills.
21st Century Skills

Work Based Career Exploration Activities 
On the job training experiences, including service learning that are directly linked to a program of study and school credit. 
Understand relationship between benefits planning and career choices
Disability benefits and working
Communicate disability related work support / accommodation needs 
Job Accommodation Network

Mind Your Own Business

Youth Development and Leadership 
Youth development is a process that prepares young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a coordinated, progress series of activities and experiences which help them gain skills and competencies. 
Elements of Quality Transition System, Web-Based Resources, 
Mentoring Activities. 
Paving the Way to Work-Career focused Mentor guide
Exposure to role models, including role models with disabilities. 
The Worksite for Youth
One-stop site for stories, news and tools for action by and for children & youth

LD Manual on Self Advocacy

Exposure and participation in personal leadership and youth development activities including community service. 
Leading National Youth Leadership Network
Do Something (Community Service Projects)
Forum for Youth Investment

Student Led IEPS 

An understanding of disability history, culture and disability public policy as well as rights and responsibilities. 
Disability Rights
Disability Information
Challenges of Mental Health Needs Tunnels and Cliffs

Acquisition of appropriate assistive technologies 
Web Accessibility in Mind

Disability Information for Parents 
National Center for Learning Disabilities
IDEA Parent Guide

National Center on Special Education and Transition
Resources for parents